Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This blog site is coming to an end.

It is really very stupid how much time (it isn't a lot but accumulated over the years it is???) I spend on this blog. I do so because I feel very passionate about the subject.  There are other reasons too.

This blog (maybe it is unlike others) produces no income and it requires so time and energy and minimal return.

Over the last couple of years I have been dedicated to posting daily.  Which has become sort of a meditation for me every morning, trying to figure out the latest specimen and composing the "portfolio" of what went before and what will go after.

Recently, thanks to a very kind review at, traffic has been up at this blog.  And the "Reaction" responses at the bottom of each blog has increased.  I relish this because this is the only thing I have to gauge whether or not this blogsite is worth the time it takes.  And for so little personal, spiritual, intellectual return.

The only other communication available to me is to see the number of page hits and lastly, the very infrequent comments.

I myself read daily most of the blogs that I have linked to my website. Some of them are far more editorial and conversational.  The blogger converses in the blog and has developed a devoted following of friends who converse.  Alas, I haven't achieved that.  My blog is geared more to visual worship.   Some days I feel like being more eloquent than others.  But really this blogsite isn't worth the effort it takes.  If there was something, intelligent conversation, distant friendship, then it might be worth it.  But that hasn't happened and it's been too many years of invested time and effort.

Some days, my blog's eloquence deserves correction, no doubt.

At the end of the day, the harder I try with this shit, the less results I receive.

I think maybe I've just done this too long at this point.   There are so many fellow bloggers who seem to have created a communicative environment.  I haven't created a very responsive readership base.

I feel like this whole effort has been the worst failure.  It is a constant disappointment.  I understand that people aren't hear to read the New York Times.  But after all of these years, nothing has become of this silly wast of time.

I'll post a photo after midnight, as I always do.

But treasure trail, as much as I love doing, just isn't worth it anymore.  I have a few beauties to show.  And then, you can go to all of the other better blogsites.


  1. I felt saddened by this post, because I have found The Treasure Trail to be a classy, diverting, always intriguing friend. Hopefully, my daily browse of the blog has been recorded. In many ways, I do feel as if you are my friend and not merely a distant blog poster. Thanks for all of your hard work and pictorial elegance ! I shall miss you.

  2. I will miss you! Thank you very much for all this work of Beauty, that made part of each week for me! Thanks a lot, and all the best for you!

  3. Funny, but you've never acknowledged any of my comments on your blog (so I stopped) nor to my knowledge, commented on mine. Regardless, you are on my Blogger Blog roll and a bit of reciprocity would have been nice.

  4. I will miss it here in the UK. A great deal of pleasure on a daily basis, providing constant wet patches and a great deal of thought processing wishing I was with the guys in the photo. I will miss it

  5. Mark --

    This is really bad news. Your efforts have NOT been a waste of time. You have brought pleasure on a daily basis to a LOT of people. You have created sort of a National Gallery of Art of photos of beautiful men, and personally I love your comments about them.

    You say, "you can go to all of the other better blogsites." What are you talking about? There ARE no better blogs than this one!!!

    OK, maybe we don't talk as much on here as you might like, but (a) I have done my part, and (b) the world needs blogs like this one where the main activity is just enjoying the visual glory of your posts, more so that commenting on them.

    I hope you'll reconsider. If posting daily has become a burden, you might ratchet it back to a few times a week.

  6. Mark,

    I for one will miss you and your BLOG but, you have too do what is right for you!

    Take care,

    Glen xx

  7. I have only just found this blog, and can say that it is a beautiful creation and a gift to those who have followed it. Still, I can easily understand how you feel, and that you have not been receiving anything to sustain you in your efforts. I could understand you choosing to stop, but I know there are many blogs which are updated only occasionally, and if they contain quality then there will still be interest. Maybe you can wind back your efforts to a point that is no longer a real burden, but still keep this creative corner going. I understand completely your desire for connection, and how elusive that can be. Thanks for what you've given your followers.

  8. One of my favorite blogs. I hope you will reconsider. You have more fans than you know.

  9. Dude I just found this blog the other day and added it to my RSS reader! I come here every time you post! Don't shut it down! I love this stuff

  10. I also hope you might reconsider. I have been looking at this site for a while and really enjoy the pics and comments. I have been able to express my views via comments and say what I really think. Haven't been able to do that before. It is also good to read that other guys find the same things sexy in a guy as me or that readers sometimes agree with me.Your posts and comments are appreciated.

  11. I'm crushed. Your site is awesome and your fresh content will be sorely missed. I hope you reconsider.

  12. Anonymous July 12/9:12 PM. You left several messages, which I appreciate so very much. I really do thank you for your appeal. I've done this blog for so many years and the only joy was collecting and selecting photos. What I would prefer is meeting and conversing with people. I don't make money from this. Many other blog sites have popups and other things. I still love their blogs. But I really am tired of wasting my time with this. I've done it for years. And it has never been successful.

    I don't even know if you ail receive this response?

    But all of your comments are appreciated. Thank you for taking the time, dude.

    Thank you to those of you who have written.

    I really find this website completely unfulfilling at this point. But I would love to go out on High Note, as they say. So, until I retire, I will show all the images that I've always wanted to (there are thousands thanks to my own searches and the wonderful lovely reader, Kevin, who shares one of my taste in men).

    Everyone who reads this blog should thank Kevin. He sends me photos every day. If you've enjoyed this blogsite, then you need to thank Kevin, too! Thank you, Kevin. You inspired and you our online friendship was the very best part of this blogsite.

    In a few days/weeks no one will be aware that I'm not posting anymore. Until that happens, I am going to post as many photos as I can that I love. Fuck trying to make it appeal to anyone. I would like to think that treasure trail will go out on a high note.

    I appreciate the very comments I've received.

    But I just cannot rationalize anymore why the fuck I'm spending so much time on this excrsize in futility. I am thrilled that several people have responded passionately. It does mean the world.

    But three weeks from now I'll be posting photos. And I'll still wonder, why the fuck am still doing this after so many years. I'd rather commit my energy to something will lead to success or at the very least, some sort of return.

  13. I for one am going to miss your website , its always been my morning treat to start the day with a look at some hot furry guy's and my passion " The treasure trail " you've bought it all to me in the comfort of my home !!! many thanks for all the effort and time you've dedicated , your webpage will be sorely missed

    Steve xx

  14. Sorry you feel unappreciated. I think many including me really enjoy your site and the photos you post. But if you are so bummed by posting then do what's right for you and stop. But realize it has not been a waste of time and you will be missed.

  15. You shouldn't feel so awful, this site is one of the best and think you said it yourself when you said you had created a site to be viewed and appreciated, not an interactive one! I have to say that this is the first time I have ever commented on any site and feel very, very sad that you are going out and that you are disillusioned - please don't be - The Treasure Trail is truly great.

  16. Mark: Like the other commentators, I too really enjoy the Treasure Trail and will miss it, especially because your taste in guys is similar to mine. I just found the blog fairly recently.

    I have a non-sexual blog on which I have been posting for 5 years--not every day, but several times a week. I've accumulated 37 followers over that time. Several followers comment on almost every one of my posts, and I reply back to every single one of those comments. I know it's a lot of work, but to develop a following, you've got to be very interactive with your readers/viewers. I've commented on some of your posts, but I don't notice a response from you; maybe that's why (in part) you've failed to gain a big, satisfying following.

    Anyway, I (for one, anyway) will miss the blog's passing.


  17. Scott, thanks for the comments. And to everyone else who've made comments to this post (positive or negative). I have been taking it one day at a time since I wrote this post. Ultimately, I think the real issue is that I just feel like this is a frivolous use of time. I know there are some people who enjoy it so that's great. I have so many photos yet to post. But I kind of am operating at this point, day by day, that I'll just go out with a bang and post all the greatest photos in the queue and when I've done that then I'll be done with this. Again, thanks for your comments. Until I shut down, though, I will take your good advice and respond with a thank you when someone takes the time to comment! Happy Treasure Trails! Mark

  18. Love your blog! Even though only *some* of the pictures you post are truly sexy and arousing for me, I enjoy every minute I spend on

    Thank you.