Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chill!'s more treasure trails at rest

Click on photos to enlarge 145


  1. Hey!

    I'd love to reciprocate (I did follow you), but I didn't find myself on your Bloglist.

  2. JStewart, sorry about that dude. I could have sworn I had listed the blog but I frequently forget to hit the save button when I'm doing things. It's there now. Thanks for the recipro!

  3. no prob, mark, You're on my list.

  4. Wow the dude number five from the bottom is one ugly man but his nipples are fucking gigantic. I've seen chicks who don't have areolas that size. Gotta wonder if he is aware that he has udders like a woman.

  5. With this big a set, you should have skipped 12 and 19. They're not in good enough shape to add anything. On the other hand, this group has many magnificent examples of manhood in it. 1, 4, 5, 6, 17 and 18 are just indescribably handsome.

    17 has hardly any treasure trail, but I don't even care. His face and torso are about the most beautiful things in all of God's creation.

    As to 25 (=5th from the bottom), I don't think he's ugly at all. Maybe not a stunner, but more like average. Anonymous is generally right about the great nipples on this man. However, I wouldn't call them "udders." No milk there. Nor are they really like a woman's breasts; at least not any fully developed woman of my acquaintance.