Tuesday, March 23, 2010

CELEBRITY TRAIL Chris Evans who has possibly the sexiest trail alive

In my humble opinion, Chris Evans, along with Daniel Radcliffe and Jake Gyllenhaal, has arguably the sexiest fucking treasure trail in the world.
Click on photos to enlarge--you'll seee what I mean. This dude is just fucking hot.

Do you agree?


  1. Dan Radcliffe's trail should have it's own post code!

  2. Chris Evans is the sexiest fucking male in the world.
    He is alone in this categorie. Nobody can be compare with him.

  3. I always replay his shirtless scenes several times before continuing the movie. Also any time his arms really show off. He is so hot.

  4. yeah - C.E. has by far the finest TT in the spotlight today. Though don't count out my man, Eric Bana, for whom I'd gladly toss C.E. outta bed for!