Thursday, December 2, 2010


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  1. Some nice pics here. That third dude has a great trail and I have never seen a guy with such tiny nipples. His nipples are so small ya need a microscope to find them. Yet, there is something incredibly hot about that. Wonder if he knows he has such micro-nipples and if he likes showing them off!

  2. Anon -- you mean dude #4. #3 actually has quite adequate nipples. #4, Mr. Micronipple, has a handsome face and a nice trail, but he's not that great in the pectoral department. One wonders if he has a normal set of nerves there.

    For really good-looking nipples, see Jakob Stefano, or the second to last man in this series.

    For overall attractiveness in this series, I vote for #6. Lean yet not emaciated, engaging facial features, beautiful black body hair against that pale skin, yet the complexion is ruddy enough that you know there's plenty of red blood circulating beneath it.