Monday, March 21, 2011

Yes PLEASE. Let me help you there buddy!

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  1. I'd like to help Mr jockstrap try and find what he's digging around for YUM!!

  2. You've done well with the bookends.

    The guy in the blue trunks in #1 is extremely hot, and I'm not talking about his sunburn. Highly masculine face, chest, abs & legs. Not sure exactly what he's trying to do with his friend in the red trunks, but whatever.

    #2 is not bad even though it's hard to make out his eyes in this shot.

    #9 has just the right amount of hair; very attractive.

    #10 is my choice of the lot, though - handsome face, adequate chest hair & trail, excellent muscle definition yet not too much beef, and really no fat at all.

    #5 - one of the smoother guys in the set -- has the same build as #10 and would be a standout if it weren't for the tattoos defacing his perfect skin.

  3. #2 Not bad, I'm sure we could get into some down to earth trick and treating and nurse each to a climax's or two

    1. Double the pleasureMay 23, 2018 at 8:03 AM

      Love to work on those teats and get you all hot and bothered for that climax's in your pants

  4. # 9
    Man sure like to have your E-Mail so we could set up date and trick and treat some night

    1. Nibble and feast on ManhoodMay 23, 2018 at 8:13 AM

      Love take my time traveling down that forest and into the woods.