Thursday, January 24, 2013


Thank you Kevin. I love the beautiful simplicity and elegance...the sheer sexiness of this specimen. Personally, I like the tattoo on his hand. I know many of our readers think a tattoo mars the beauty of a man. I agree...too many tattoos can impede the enjoyment of the male body. But tattoos, when used with discretion, can be incredibly sexual.
I will comment that I think tattoos are quite hot and enticing. But once one gets old I think they become less so (I have a tattoo on my ankle and could be considered "old"). What do you think? Maybe they should create tattoos that disappear at a certain an expire date?

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  1. That's part of the trouble with tattoos -- they don't just go away when you get tired of them.

    I have only ever seen one man who I thought looked better with tats than without -- a Polynesian whose tattoos had some tribal meaning. Otherwise, best left natural.