Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Thank you, Kevin.   This dude is quite dishy, no?  Looks like there is a bit of upper chest hair and also around his nipples.  Sexy hairy arms and legs too.  I'd like to ride this boy's board!


  1. The ink on his left arm says, 'Only God Can Judge Me'

    ...and He done good.

  2. Most excellent--all around!

  3. A nice specimen. I like his trail and how it leads to a hint of pubes. The little patch of chest hair is really sexy as is the bit of hair on each nipple. I really get turned on by guys with hairy forearms like this guy, just the right amount. It also looks like he has a nice package in his shorts.

  4. Anon (8/9/2013) - The dude's "junk" in that bathing suit (used to be called "package") is might enticing too.

  5. Thanks Mark for keeping me up to speed with the current lingo, another reason I love your site, and yes his "junk" is really enticing.
    Anon 8/9/2013

  6. give me a chuckle. I am so old that I am not sure if I'm using current vernacular correctly. I can only guess that "junk" is the equivalent of a few generations past term that I grew up with: "package". I hate to say it. I think "junk" fare more appealing and contemporary. Ok..........I'm old. I operate in a fifty year old vacuum. I would welcome clarification from whatever audience is reading this!

    Here's the question: a "package" as I understood it in my day and age was an enticing crotch area. I'm assuming that "junk" would include this? Or is it limited to seeing the cock?

    I'm sure I need to be corrected. I am hoping that I will stand corrected. Or, reinforced.

  7. PS: a "package" usually was a very desirable presentation of a man's crotch area whilst in pants.

  8. Guys, I think it really depends on the context of the conversation, or ones own perception of who he is.

    If I'm at lunch with the work crew I may just refer to it as 'junk'. If I'm in a gay bar I'd certainly be interested in the 'package', which may include a backside view as well. When washing my dog's balls - as well as my own - I just think of it as 'equipment', as in a very useful multi-purpose tool and toy.