Monday, September 9, 2013

A very simple and BEAUTIFUL TRAIL

Glen must be freudian that I ran two photos in a row with similarly strange underwear.     Yesterday's was definitely the worst.  But this dude's nipples make me wet.  Not much hair, but I think he is fairly natural?  What say you readers?


  1. Yes. Or perhaps I should say "YES"! I think he's naturally fairly smooth, but not extremely so. Some nice hair on the arms and legs, a bit of a beard, and of course the beautiful trail. But mainly he's muscular perfection in my book. The giant muscles of some bodybuilders are not that attractive. This man's build, in contrast, is stunning.

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  3. Totally agree with Steve, this guy is so hot I can excuse his underwear that does allow a peek at his nice cock. His lean fit and muscular body is perfect and his treasure trail sit on his tight abs.His nipples are perfect and he has some fantastic armpit hair. I also like the light dusting of hair on his arms and legs,and the veins on his left arm. He has just the right amount of stubble on his face.I agree that his body hair is natural, it make guys like this so hot just the right amount of body hair in the right places and you can still admire their beautiful sculptured body. Great photo of a very desirable man, thanks!

  4. wow.....I'm drooling.