Friday, May 30, 2014

A SPORTY WET treasure trail

This dude doesn't have a lot of body hair.  But he has a beautiful treasure trail, especially wet. I'll bet the rest of his body has a fine sheen of hair of hair (arms, cleavage--the legs looked shaved?)

This man's body is extraordinary…..the tits are perfect.  The nipples too!

My type is usually a bit hairier but I gotta say this guy appears to be au natural and perfect in every way?  Do you agree?  He is magnificent.  I seem to get more comments when I post hairier men.  I find men hot when they are naturally hairy and not shaved or waxed.   Do you agree?


  1. A great body and a handsome face. Trail and nipples are fantastic. I like this type of guy but do prefer a bit of chest hair but not too hairy for me, I prefer a defined treasure trail up their abs. I also like a light cover of hair on his arms but hairy legs are a real turn on. I'm also partial to some veins on a muscular arm, not sure why , just looks sexy.

  2. yes! he's hot-love his belly button also

  3. When a guy has thighs, pecs, nips, abs and a face like that, a lack of natural body hair can be forgiven.

  4. I suspect the legs are waxed.