Thursday, December 29, 2016

The TREASURE TRAIL from the side

Lithe, lean, beautifully hairy.   What more could one want.


  1. awesome- I love his hairy chest and trail as well as those yummy pits and nips. A day at the beach would not get much better than setting up near this stud and watching that body. I note the inverted V scar/ scratch on his side near his navel, wonder what caused that and what it was ???

  2. Hi Mark -its New years eve here in Australia so I wanted to wish you ( and fellow trail blazers) a safe happy and successful new year. Have enjoyed your site in 2016 with some great posts and yeah especially the hairy chested guys ! Cant help myself! Appreciate the effort you put into the site - C U in 2017, ( Oh did U like the trail blazers pun??)
    Aussie ANON

  3. Anon, Happy New Year. Thank you for your comments and yes, I did appreciate the blazers comment. Keep following us in 2017. God knows we will need some sort of diversion from Reality. Mark The Treasure Trail Hunter