Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The TREASURE at rest

I think this photo or another shot of this specimen might have appeared before?  Fuck it.  It deserves another viewing.   The perspective of this photo is beautiful.  I love sunlight reflecting on his hairy thighs.  His treasure is perfect in its fully erect state, even while he sleeps.  I remember those days long ago.

This photo is particularly nostalgic.  Sitting next to a beautiful younger man sleeping, is perhaps the best memories I have.  This photo truly evokes that experience.  What a lovely trail.  And what an intimate and profound perspective.  Have you had the same moments of watching a beautiful naked man sleep?  It is heartbreakingly beautiful.  And it is fleeting.

Kevin, thank you.  I think this is truly one of the most beautifully composed photos you have suggested.


  1. I have to agree with you. This photo shows the innocent, natural beauty of the boner. The key word being "natural."

  2. Beautiful image....recall the site of my guys erect cock twitching just before he awoke but still slept and dreamt...hopefully of me!

  3. I have seen this pic before but certainly have no objection to seeing it again. This guy is beautiful, natural and I adore every inch of him.