Friday, January 11, 2019

A STUDIOUS Treasure Trail

This specimen is all the more desirable with his glasses and the books hiding his manhood.   He has a spectacular figure.  He is beautiful.  But I think his manly body hair has been 'scaped?   The trail is wonderful but I think it was groomed that way.  I doubt there is much of his bush left.  But if you look at the dude's handsome mug, he has a faint 5 o'clock shadow.  It suggests to me that he once had lovely man hair on his chest, arms, et al.  What do you think?

Fortunately, there is some vestige of his TT.


  1. No, not at all, except possibly he might have shaved his chest at some point and the chest hair is just now growing back. But I think that he's just not all that hairy. Doesn't matter; I would still like to do some deep studying with him and his book collection.

  2. Brings a whole new andoooo an interesting concept to collecting bookmarkers...!