Thursday, March 21, 2019


Remarkable.  It is so vividly beautiful.  The elegant trail and the bountiful, natural bush are exquisite. The beautiful hair around the navel.  And the fine line that begins above.  Bravo!

Thank you Kevin.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

A VERY WIDE, Geometric TREASURE TRAIL From the Side

Wow.  This specimen is a work of art.  Perfection, IMO.  I wouldn't change a thing.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Wednesday, March 13, 2019


I wouldn't change a thing.   (Click to enlarge--this is a beauty)

Thank you, Kevin.

Monday, March 11, 2019

A Simple, Elegant TREASURE TRAIL

This specimen is awe-inspiring.    The dude has my favorite body type, lean and proportionate.  And that lovely TT to enhance.

Thank you Kevin.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

WORSHIPPING the Treasure Trail

And a lovely rectangular specimen as well.

Oh to the glory of male beauty!    Click on photo to expand.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

A PERFECT Treasure Trail

We segue from the sublime in last post to the supreme.

This specimen is rhapsodic.  Of course, he has an exquisite body.  And thankfully he hasn't marred it by shaving his divine given male body hair.  What a fantastic photo of this man's lower torso and seductive Treasure Trail. And natural bush which teases us with a view of the largesse below.

And look at those veins.  Pulsing with masculine vitality.

Reader STEVE.  What do you call that amazing lower torso and sculpted bone structure?

There is no criticism with this perfection.  He is not ashamed of his masculinity. I wonder though if his some of his chest and arm hair (there is a very sexy patch of hair on just below his shoulders) has been 'scaped?

I would suggest that you double (or single, depending on your device) click to see this amazing man in all of his glory.

Thank you Kevin.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

The PERFECT Treasure Trail ALIVE

This photograph truly illustrates all of the amazing and remarkable beauty of a male in the natural form.

This man is stunning.  He is naturally a work of art in every way.

This photographer has used lighting to enhance and highlight the beautiful natural qualities of the specimen's hairiness.

This god of a man has a perfect body.  Look at the prolific, bespoke beauty of his chest chair.  And TT hair.  Many man have this natural hairy beautiful quality.   But few photographers seldom show the sexiness of a male's natural body hair to its best advantage.

This is a  FINE treasure trail where you can see the beauty of his natural hair growth.  The shoulders.  The pecs.  The abs.  And those arm veins.  I could worship this beauty for a thousand years.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019


Our muse, Kevin, sent his finest portfolio ever.  In all of the 30something beauties in his email, this was his favorite.  That should get your attention.  Kevin has exquisite taste!

This specimen is perfect in every way.   It is his naturalness that appeals.  Especially his hooded treasure.  The tan line also makes me swoon.  But, it is this photographic perspective that illustrates and shows his beauty at best vantage.  It is transcendent.


Tuesday, March 5, 2019

A PROUD Treasure Trail

Rightly so!  That patch of chest hair is mighty sexy.  Not too mention the treasure which subtly suggests its beauty in his jock strap.   I love the enhanced perspective, lighting (the shadow juxtaposed with the chest/torso, etc which is highlighted), fashion and set design of this photo (the red).  It presents this specimen in his best possible light.   I love the use of some geometry?  Great composition.  (Does anyone know or give a shit?)

All I can say is WOW!

Thank you, Kevin.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

YES PLEASE! I'd follow this anywhere

And you?

This beautiful man appeals on every level.   What an amazing body.  His sexiest asset, IMO, is the natural and varied hair growth pattern of his chest and torso.   A man is sexy, when he has distinctive natural body hair.  Would anyone like to define it in a word or short phrase?

He is remarkable.

I DO read the few comments that are posted.   They are the best and rare pleasures as a blogger (even the bad ones).  Thank you.

You would probably all agree, that my inarticulate-ness or lack of discussion, is my achilles heal?   I'm curious.  Reap what you sow, they say.  I believe that.  This boondoggle that is my silly passion is proof.  My entire life I've learned that I am inadequate.  I'm a mistake.  It is the truest thing in the world that I'm sure of.  I will still get up tomorrow and give it a try again.

I do not seek your pity.  I do not seek your help.  I seek your intelligence or emotional expression. I continue, after a decade or so, to try and engage kindred spirits.  Social skills and communication are the fabric of humanity.  I hope.  ??!!

Thank you again, Kevin.  He is perfect in every way.

The dude deserves kudos for his efforts to sculpt a beautiful body.  His body hair is perfect.  I think there has been a slight bit of 'scaping?  I wonder if he has a bush?  Did he shave his arms?

WTF.  He's fantastic.

No one will have read this I'll say something shocking.  He evokes Lyle Menendez in his handsome face.

One nasty, threatening person suggested that I was stuck in the age of Jim J. Bullock.  Thank you.  I find that a compliment.

Did anyone else watch the Bundy documentary?  Twitter and facebook idiots were exclaiming that he was hot.  I recently read an article that Lyle and Eric Menendez were reunited in prison.   I doubt few of these idiots have any understanding of the horrifying nature of these people.  It seems that evilness is very seductive to our spawn.

Thus, trump.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

A beautiful PYRAMID Treasure Trail

This specimen is magnificent.  Thank you Kevin.

A recent comment to a post from a TT admirer said something like this:  I don't know what you call it.  I laughed when I read the comment.  And I giggled when I created this post.  What do you call it?

I wish you, the gents and ladies (I hope), would begin to classify the types of treasure trails that we admire here.  I think this blog would be enhanced if the remarkable range of male beauty was defined by the astounding range of thoughts from you.  The readers.

I've called this TT beauty a pyramid.  But it is so much more.  I would love to have everyone here to help define.  I am limited, I know.  But together we are not.

I love this male beauty.  Beautiful torso/x-pack. And a natural hairy countenance, without too much sculpting.  I am always spellbound by a thick black patch of manliness.  Like this dude's bush.  This is another perfect specimen.  Look at that vibrant vein on his right hip--pulsating with his masculinity and vitality.  I fear I may have profiled this specimen before.  If so, this deserves further admiration. (Click to enlarge, I hope).

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Another perfect TREASURE TRAIL for the HALL OF FAME

Kevin.  Thank you.  Another home run!

This specimen is a masterpiece.  Everything is sublime.  He is perfectly toned and proportionate.  What a beautiful chest with a natural dusting of hair.  Mouthwatering nipples.  The vein in his right arm is I think an indication of the masculinity that pulses through him.  That torso and abs, with a unique and exceptional TT.

He is remarkably handsome.

I am nothing but a curator here.   I get very little feedback.  Throughout the years, that has always been the best gauge of what appeals to the TT readers.  For several months I could not see the counts of your "reaction" radial button choices.  I spent a few hours tonight reviewing the last 2 or 3 years reaction counts.

Please leave your reaction.  It is the most important way that I have to interpret the audience interests.  Please continue to leave a reaction or a comment.

Just a few months ago, I left a thank you message.  We had reached 12m views.  And I asked for help in moving upwards the number of followers.  Wow!  Thank you.

Please continue.  We may reach 13m views in the next few months.  I rejoice in that.


Friday, February 22, 2019


This is male beauty at its best.   And he isn't ashamed of his Goddess :) given beauty.  He doesn't hide his masculinity, as in body hair. The guns.  The hairy armpits.  The luscious patch of hair in his "cleavage", and the color of the succulent nipples.  And then we go down to his amazing 6 pack (I don't know how to count them.  Please educate me.)

 And then you reach that  enigmatic, singular TT trail.

As always.  Thank you Kevin.