Thursday, July 5, 2018

Our celebrations today are almost at an end where I'm at in Palm Springs area of Southern California.   I wish everyone who celebrates our Independence Day a happy holiday, although belated.  This holiday seems ironic and insincere given the horrible monster that was elected president and the hateful Republican legislative body.  Independence?  What a silly notion as we watch these hateful people tear down, day by day, all of the legislation and changes in our country for two centuries.  These people support only the very richest or religious extremist (Christian) citizens of our country.  This is not the country that education and other processes that I was taught.  I've always been somewhat ashamed of some of my fellow citizens (I have always called them "pig people").  This nation today is truly shameful.  Any pride about our heritage and history is obliterated by the pig people that support the orange man who is president.

Thank you.  That felt really good to vent that.

But let's segue to what this blog site is about:  male beauty.  This specimen is perhaps the most magnificent masculine portrait we've exhibited.  He has an impressive amount of hair on his well-defined chest.  Great nipples.  And a wonderful sculpture of treasure trail:  a thin, furry line that leads to his belly button and continues on as a a square or a pyramid trail.  He has a dark, amazing, dark bush of pubic hair which frames an impressively large and exquisite "treasure" at the end of the trail.

This is male beauty personified, in my opinion.  It is an illustration of why men should not wax or shave the beauty that they were born with.

Thank you, Kevin.


  1. Amen to both parts! It may have felt really good to vent...but it was also really good to read!And thanks for the most beautiful photo! --E

  2. a beautiful natural specimin.
    aussie anon

  3. I agree with you 100% - on the narrative and the man in the photo.

  4. I'm totally horny and wet. This is amazing. Running my tongue over that head, snuggling into that Bush and spending hours licking the trail and nipples. It can only be improved when covered in cum����������

  5. Here's another "amen" to everything you said above.

  6. I didn't realize you were in Palm Springs. I was there in Feb and LOVED it.

    This man is AH-MAY-ZING!!

  7. Glad you could vent, but things are not all that bad. For one thing, someone had to get control of our borders, unless you want the future of America to be based on Sharia law, and I didn't see anyone else interested in enforcing immigration laws.