Monday, December 17, 2012

Reader's TREASURE TRAIL perfection

This picture is from one of the Treasure Trail's readers and exhibits his beautiful treasure trail (chest, legs, arms and cock as well). This dude has the most gorgeous body type and perfect body hair. I am also publishing his comments from the emails he sent me as it is an interesting discussion about the awful, ugly trend of men shaving and waxing their body hair.
I hope to hear from other Treasure Trail fans/readers.
"Mark, Came by your blog and enjoyed it! Thanks for posting. Well this is one of your readers! One of the few guys around that does not shave and I'm a competitive swimmer!
Read more of "D's" interesting comments below. It seems that not only is "D" very attractive but he has brains as well.
Many thanks to D for submitting this gorgeous photo. "Mark,
Thanks for the nice comments! I enjoy your blog for sure. I love those trails!
...I don't understand guys now a days that shave off everything! It looks so stupid! To answer your question [Do you do any manscaping?]: I trim my hair on my balls (I don't shave it all off ) but I do shave off the hair that grows up my shaft! I don't care for that at all. As you can see I don't shave my bush and I make sure not to shave too far up my shaft like some guys do that leave a half circle around their cock, which also looks silly! And it's true I do compete in swimming and I'm the ONLY hairy guy on deck! I used to have a full suit, if you remember them, but now we are not allowed to have anything that goes above our belly button or below our knee. That change put my hair front and center but I refused to shave!
...I also teach yoga.

All I can say to these and "D's" final comments below are Amen! And keep up your refusal to shave your body hair.
Sure you can use my comments. Hair became out of favor for two reason, 5th Avenue (advertising agencies) decided that young, smooth, hairless was "in" and all the models you see all became hairless. The second reason guys shave off their pubic hair is to make their cocks look bigger. That trend started in the porn industry then moved to the gay community then made it's way to the entire male community (straight or gay). So now at the gym I see men in their 70's with shaved pubic hair!
There is a reason swimmers shave. It's a medical fact that shaving will stimulate blood flow to the skin and in turn to the muscles which does help with any athletics. It also give the swimmer the feel that they are going faster since they can feel the water better.
Yoga, I found many good things have come from my study of yoga. The mind and the body should be working as one! Breath is all important for life and it's so over looked by most of the public. Thanks for all the nice comments about my body. While I was given some of it like my hair, the other part is all just taking care of it. I eat right, swim and do yoga! It's not so much about vanity as feeling good...."


  1. He looks fantastic. Kudos for keeping it natural.