Monday, February 18, 2019

LOOKING DOWN a bountiful, perfect TT that is Mark's favorite

I must admit.  I love the beauty of the male form.  In all of its presentation.

Who knows why but I find black tightly packed puffs of body hair one of the most seductive motifs of all.

This specimen is amazing.  I wish I could dive in and bury myself forever more.    The beard, the chest, abs, the TT, the hairy arm, the hairy legs.    The beauty of man.

I am convinced that forums like this will not be around much longer.  This privilege of admiring male beauty will not be allowed in the near future.  If you can't see what is happening then I pity you.

Until then, let us enjoy everything that is beautiful about men, in their natural condition.  (I say this for a reason--having said that I've no doubt that this will be poorly received similar to: men with tattoos, too much body hair in too many places, black and white photos, men who aren't physically ideal, men who are too thin and/or not in perfect shape.  I could o on).  I am certain that I've lost my audience.  Too many words.  I insulted most.  I know very little.  I've foolishly invested a decade of time on this blog--silly me. There isn't anyone to blame.  I hope the new world order will put me to a firing squad.   I have received a message here that was threatening.  Silly drama queen me.

One of the benefits of this exercise in futility, this blog, is that I have gained information and perspective.)  Oh I am too pretentious? What's worse I'm probably boring you.

The world is changing.  Hatred runs amok in the world today. I hope you will all wake up.  It is not a time for shyness, propriety,

Saturday, February 16, 2019

YES PLEASE! Treasure Trail

What a beauty.  Thank you, Kevin.  Click on photo go enlarge.

Friday, February 15, 2019


This fella is lovely.  He has a very nice long, thin TT.  And the hairy gams are quite delicious.  Thank you Kevin!  What a nice perspective.

Mark's favorite type TREASURE TRAIL Up Close

Thank you Kevin.  It may have appeared before a few years ago.  But it is worthy of repeat.  Behold

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

A brief TREASURE TRAIL but a fetching man

Here is an amazingly beautiful man.  His physique is mouthwatering.  But, he presents a very brief TT (is it 'scaped?)   I try to present a diverse and changing male types.   I strive to provide content that appeals to the broadest of audience.   

Thanks to Kevin Conus here is a different specimen.  Do you think he has shaved or wax his beautiful body hair?  There seems to be just a hint of TT under his navel.  And also his underarms.

What do you think?   He's beautiful indeed.   But has his body hair been coiffed or eliminated?

Sunday, February 10, 2019


My apologies.  I've neglected the blog the past couple of days.

I hope this specimen is sufficient reparation.   His body is perfectly proportional.  He is developed in all the right ways (not too muscular and not overly lean).   I am rhapsodic.

What is not to love about this beauty?  That perfect chest, dusted with just enough natural hair in diverse growth patterns (especially the curlier hairs in his "cleavage" --is this a term appropriate for men?)

And his amazing arms.  The veins in his upper arms make him even more vital and appealing.

But then there is that perfect TT.  It is charming and enticing on his very attractive abdomen, no?

This photo study is male beauty at its best.  

Thursday, February 7, 2019

A PERFECT Treasure Trail

This dude is breathtaking.  The photo made me melt.  Is this is from the Australian Cowboys book?  It is the hottest book depicting masculine beauty, IMO.

How many ways do I find this specimen utterly swoon-worthy?

* That come hither smile...under that cowboy hat
* He has natural body hair that hasn't been marred by our current freakish grooming standards for men
*  His hairy chest
* That nipple
* And he has one of the most seductive TT's ever.   It starts out mid-torso in a very thin line that makes me quiver (all natural, me thinks?)  It runs down seductively (or traverses) to his belly button on his left side.  And then below it continues or blossoms into a wider patch of dispersed hair which frames and continues the sexy, thin line of hair from above.
* The treasure at the end of this remarkable trail suggests there is impressive trove wrapped in a very seductive package
*  Dude has a perfectly proportioned body.  Not too extreme.

I am in love.  You?

He cooks, too!

Thank you, Kevin.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

TWO Treasure Trails at once

The perspective of this photo is wonderful.  What an incredibly well designed room for this particular composition.  And the two amazing TT specimens are captured in a very lovely way.  I'd take either of these specimens, but preferably both at the same time.   How refreshing to see two men who display their remarkable natural physical beauty.   I love their male beauty equally.  And you? (remember you can click on the photo to enlarge it.

Monday, February 4, 2019

A SQUARE Trail, mostly

Thank you, Kevin.   This man is perfectly gorgeous.  Great tits and hairy chest.  An exquisite torso.  Very vibrant veins which sustain a remarkable treasure, no doubt, in his white briefs.  This is a perfect specimen, no?   What is that sexy bone above his right hip?  I can never remember.  But those and veins like the gigantic one on his upper left arm really get me going.

Remember, you can click on photos to enlarge.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

A LONG and thin TREASURE TRAIL with a twist

This piece of manhood is remarkable.  In every way:  he has a perfect body, lithe, fit, and perfectly hairy.  What an extraordinary set of shoulders, pecs/hairy chest and pecs.  The TT discretely  runs from below his delicious chest and nipples down the navel.  And then it expands to present the beauty of this specimen.    He is perfectly hirsute, in my opinion.  The true jackpot is the ginger pubes framing a remarkable, hooded jewel at the reddish end. 

I love this sampling.  He has a very beautiful ginger beard which doesn't appear again til the bush.  In between is a beautiful vision of darker hair.  The two colors are striking and unique.  What do you think?

Thank you, Kevin.

Friday, February 1, 2019


This handsome fella with a great smile, engages me.  I think this specimen is very nice.  Maybe a touch of 'scaping?

Thank you, Kevin!


Every aspect of this man is perfect.   Great body and good proportions.   The hairy chest makes me weep.  And that lovely thin trail to his nether regions.  I wouldn't change a thing.  How about you?

I just hope he hasn't manscaped his hair in the pubic region.  Do you think he manscapes a bit?  If so, it works!  This specimen is perfect in every way.     What do you think?

Thank you Kevin.  

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Tuesday, January 29, 2019


I love that this beautiful bloke has kept a natural TT and bush.  This below illustrates the amazing treasure at the end of trail.  Thank you, Kevin.

Monday, January 28, 2019

A PERFECT Treasure Trail

This is just a flawless, perfect specimen of manhood and TT.  His upper body is perfectly proportioned IMHO.