Tuesday, March 31, 2020

A PERFECT Treasure Trail from the SIDE

This is photographic sculpture.  Look at the natural trail of hair that runs down his torso.  The light allows us to admire the brilliance of this specimen.

Thank you Kevin!

I wish you all safe passage through this Apocolypse.   If one day this blog has no posts, then I have become one of the statistics.  My mother and I are ripe COVID-19 victims.  We are doing our best to protect ourselves.

I hope all of you are doing the same.  And I hope you and your loved ones are safe.

Namaste to you all.

Behold.  Click on the photo to enlarge, if your equipment allows.

Friday, March 27, 2020


I had an email from our benefactor Kevin yesterday.  It is always the best thing of my day, week, etal.

I love this beautiful specimen.  Completely natural.  Can you imagine if this beauty were obliterated for a silly, quite ancient fashion?

Thank you, Kevin.

This man makes me feel hopeful.

I hope you are all surviving.  We can always have a piece of eye candy, to transform a grimace to a smile.  If your equipment allows, I'd click on this photo to appreciate this male beauty even more.

Namaste to you all.

Sunday, March 22, 2020


I'd take either.  Or both.

How wonderful to see manhood au natural.   No marring.  Some men were made with hairy bodies.  Others were not.  And they are beautiful just the way they were created.

Artifice, contrivance, and obliteration of your natural-born beauty are sacrilege.   Enhancing one's beauty is admirable.  But one thing is, most of the times, not the other.

Thank you Kevin.  Click to enlarge if your equipment allows.  Stay healthy and safe!

Namaste, Mark

Monday, March 16, 2020

YES Please! Looking down a TREASURE TRAIL

Enchanting in every way.  This is proof that the way a man was born, should never be blemished.  

I am utterly charmed with every aspect of this specimen.  And I appreciate his profound remarkable, natural beauty.

Thank you, Kevin. 

I wish you all the best of health!  I hope this blog, which is committed to celebrating the natural beauty of manhood, brings you a bit of soccour.  Namaste to each of you.


Friday, March 13, 2020

The TREASURE TRAIL au natural

The setting is beautiful.  As is this beautiful male specimen in a natural setting and grooming.

Thank you Kevin.

Please stop eliminating your natural male body hair.  Here we celebrate the natural state of manhood at its very best.

Thursday, March 12, 2020


What a compelling photo of a man with a wonderful dark-haired treasure trail just the way I like it.  I love a natural, dark-haired specimen most of all.  But this dude adds a twist.  He bleached his dark hair white.    But his magnificent TT remains in all of its natural glory.   Bravo!  And we can admire what appears to be a remarkable treasure at the end in the sexy black brief underwear.

Thank you, Kevin.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

LOOKING UP a Treasure Trail

A masterpiece.  In so many ways.  If this beautiful specimen were to wax or shave his body hair I would weep with regret.  This man was created, perfectly.  His manhood is so much more than his amazing cock.  It is the whole package.  Body hair is good, if you have it.  Please celebrate your beauty and don't wax, shave, or eliminate your male beauty.

Thank you Kevin.

Behold.  And celebrate this glorious specimen.  (Click to enlarge the photo if your equipment is capable).

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Mark's Favorite TREASURE TRAIL

Thank you, Kevin.  This specimen always gets me going (I quote the genius Rufus Wainwright, "Old Whore's Diet).  I love the intense dark body hair.  The compelling, vivid bush.  On a lean lithe beauty.

Thank the goddess that this man has not marred natural beauty in anyway.    This is.....a tall drink   Just the way I like it.

Click on the photo to inspect this amazing picture of masculinity.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

A beautiful TREASURE TRAIL in Black & White

The thing about black and white photos is that they can magnify the beauty of the human form with the genius use of light and shadows.  This is a perfect example.

The nipples make me cry for joy.  As all as the rest of this specimen.  This is the perfect photographic composition in my opinion.  I love the play of light and shadow.

Thank you Kevin!  Click on the photo to see those veins in more detail (if your equipment allows).  There seems that there is a fine treasure at the end of this trail.  But it is the lighting and artistry that celebrates this manhood.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

MOST POPULAR post in 2019 on Treasure Trail blog

This was the most visited posting here on TREASURE TRAIL.   I appreciate everyone's interest and support.    This was August 17, 2019 post.  Click here to visit. Thank you, as always to Kevin who sent me the photo.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

A BEAUTIFUL, Simple NATURAL Treasure Trail

This is quite a beautiful specimen.  So natural.  Thank you Kevin.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020


This specimen is just sublime.  Thank you Kevin.

I love this dude's body.  He has taken care of his divine body.  He is beautiful and has not made himself grotesque, surreal, or bizarrely distorted.  He has fashioned his goddess given glory to exalt his blessings.

I love his hirsuteness.  He takes my breath away.  (Click on photo to see it enlarged.  If you have the right equipment).


Thursday, February 13, 2020

LOOKING DOWN a very NATURAL Treasure Trail

I love this photo.  Thank you Kevin.  I like it most because it is a very candid and appealing photo of a man who is beautiful and isn't a model.

How beautiful he is.  The hairy armpits.  The body hair that appears to be unsullied.

And the TT leading to a very nice bush and impressive package of jewels.


Tuesday, February 4, 2020


Thank you again, Kevin.   Our TT muse provides us with another interesting and remarkable study of masculine beauty.

This lovely is provocative and is the essence of what this blog has always been about.   Men are so fantastic and luscious and so diverse.  Fashions wax and wane...and wax wane, and wax and wane.  Eternally. Infinitum.  

I love this exquisite man.  He meets all of the current requirements for fitness (the abs, the pecs, and the "whatever" you call it).   He was born lovely, unlike most of us, and he has enhanced his beauty.

He has a lovely TT.  Is it 'scapped?   Enhancing one's essence is beautiful.  But eliminating it or making it grotesque, is not for this old person.  I came out in the late '70s.  I have seen all kinds of fashions.   Shaving your body hair was quite fashionable in the early 80s.  It was very erotic.  But that was 1980.  How is it that our species has taken that fashion to such grotesqueness that has the grooming fashions that influenced the majority of penises.

I think that male beauty is endlessly mouth-watering.  After almost six decades.  But male beauty is astonishing because of its nature.  I hope to never see another image of a beautiful man with a completely shaved body that is gorgeous in all other ways except one.

Is anyone still capable of conversation?  

Enjoy everyone, zombies and not!  I would suggest you click on the photo to admire.  If your junk can do it.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

The TREASURE TRAIL from the SIDE and in black & white

What a remarkable photo study this is.  And what a remarkable natural TT and male beauty without the sacrilege of waxing, shaving or whatever contrivance is in vogue, this nanosecond.

What a beautiful appreciation of male beauty this artist brings.   It perfectly illustrates male au natural.

Despite the horrendous and odious reality of yesterday, I will sleep serenely in the few hours of sleep ahead.

Enjoy!  I'd like to think this is the perfect example of male beauty, uncontrived and distorted.  So balanced. The subtle lighting enhances the beautiful hairs on this specimen's legs.  And his sweet TT.

This is photographic sculpture, to me.

Thank you Kevin.   If this were the last thing I ever saw, I would go with such a happy smile.

Peace and Namaste ("I bow to the light in you that also shines in me) to you all!