Friday, May 24, 2013


I find this photo utterly erotic.  First of all the hairy dude has so many colors of body hair that is in its natural form.........the bright red bush, the dark treasure trail, the dark red beard.  There is something about the range of body hair, from his head to his balls, that is really hot.  IMHO.

Second of all he's licking his cock along with his buddy.    

The reaction in the past to "ginger" dudes on blog posts has been lukewarm.   I've never hit a ginger, but I find it alluring.

This guy is hot for so many reasons.  For me, most of all because he is uber-hairy in a very compelling way (nice cock, too).

Just a reminder:  the aim of this blog is for us all to share and enjoy diverse varieties of male beauty, with particular focus on the treasure trail.  It's hard to chose....because I really don't have a type, except that I prefer men who have body hair.  On the other hand, I have been with men who naturally have no body hair and they can be magnificent.   For me, the body hair is a sign of virility.    But I try to keep mixing it up for our purposes. 


  1. I agree--uber-sexy--for all the reasons you cited. My only wish is that the fellow's beard were a little shorter and better groomed, but now I'm splitting hairs... Great image, great blog; thank you!

  2. I love ginger men! This dude is a bit too lumberjack for me but the photo is so hot! Imagine self sucking and being joined by someone! Woof!