Monday, May 20, 2013

The TREASURE TRAIL from the side

Thank you, Kevin.   This is a mighty fine trail which ever way you look at it.

Is the trail natural or sculpted?


  1. Mmmm.... sculpted... and not just his abs. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

  2. Natural. This is Jon Jacobs. See He really does have this trail pattern of the heavy growth on the center line and not much on the sides.

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  4. Hey, Steve. I think you are correct the photo on this blog site is more natural. Some of the photos on (which of course I'm a huge fan of) his trail looks a little more 'scaped, especially above the navel. I think it is rare to find a man with a truly natural "thin" treasure trail. They exist. But in this day and age, they exist because of a razor blade. (So very sad).

    Nevertheless, I agree with you completely about the sexiness of this photo and the dude's trail in it.

    BTW, I'm always appreciative of your participation! I like hearing your opinions.


  5. Thanks for the compliment, Mark. Igualmente.

    I, too, noticed that some of Mr. Jacobs' photos on bantherazor show less of a treasure trail, in fact less torso hair altogether. However, in those pix, the face looks at least seven years younger than the ones from what I'll call the "wife beater" set (not that I particularly like that term). So I think that there's at least a possibility that the those shots represent his body hair pattern as it was in his relatively tender years.

    .....Or you could just be right that those pictures reflect some manscaping. But then I'm willing to grant absolution for any past razor sins for someone who looks as good and as hirsute (in the right places) as Jon Jacobs does.

  6. This man is worth anything...anything at all...

  7. what a beautiful man with a great body and muscles. I like his trail and hairy chest and pits. I also think the little bumps around his nipple are very sexy.