Friday, November 8, 2013

YES PLEASE! A beautiful BLOND man and his treasure trail

Thank you, Kevin.


  1. What a beautiful man. I like his thick pubes and his treasure trail. I also like his tan line that shows he is outside without his shirt on a lot. Sorry Mark about going on about this in other comments I've made in the past but I really enjoy checking out hot guys with out their shirts on a lot do it but there should be more like this guy.

  2. Anon....I agree with everything you said in the beginning. The allure of this beautiful is wonderful. I like the dark pubes and tt. On the other hand his arm his blond and I don't think men have taken to bleaching their arm hair. Aren't they just shaving them.

    You can speak up anytime Anon. You needn't apologize. I welcome all comments and conversation.

    Treasure Trail