Thursday, November 21, 2013

A very straight line TREASURE TRAIL

Natural or sculpted?  It runs in a very straight line from the navel
down to the pubic hair.

Great nipples too.  Love the light dusting of hair at the center of his chest.  Oh, and the hairy legs and feet.  Thank you, Kevin!


  1. Gorgeous real man! You can fixate on his fur... I am gonna get off on his hot fucking feet! - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

  2. As usual Upton King is spot on. This guy is hot. I love his hairy legs and thick pubic hair. I really like his chest and pecs with the little hair around the nipples. The small patch of chest hair on his sternum is really sexy.
    Regarding his trail, I'm usually the first to give a guy the benefit of the doubt about if he trims or sculpts his trail but I have say I'm pretty sure he has done some work to get that straight line like that , not that I don't think some guys do have that look naturally but not this time. That said it does not take away from him being a HOT HOT man!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Upton and Anon. Agree with both your comments. The leg and feet hair....the dude is hot in everyday. I think that trimming or 'scapping is fine. In fact, in some cases it is quite hot (although, I prefer au natural). But in this case, this dude has a distinctive trail. The manscaping works in his favor here?

  4. As usual, I am skeptical that any 'scaping has taken place here. The subject is quite young. He may be just starting to get the full growth of body hair on his torso that will come as he matures. However, from the lack of a heavy beard or of any perceptible hair on his arms, I conclude that his genetic endowment is not very hirsute to begin with, and he may not develop any more of a trail than what he has now. No matter, every part of this body looks good.