Saturday, March 22, 2014


We don't usually include more than one photo a day  (today, will be an exception).  Showing more than one photo, IMHO, detracts from the beauty of each specimen of man/treasure trail.  Do you agree?

One of my favorite treasure trail followers/fans, Indian Guy, has submitted a collection of beautiful photographs.  It would be a shame not to show all of the examples of how beautiful this dude's trail is.   I believe the name of this perfect man is Anderson Barbosa and he is from Brazil.   Readers please correct me if I'm wrong!

Thank you, Indian Guy (and more to come from Indian Guy).


  1. This guy has it all , not only a handsome face but a body to go with it. I love the hair from chest to trail and how it runs across those rippling abs.i do like a man who wears his jeans just low enough to see the start of his pubic hair , as far as trails 10/10