Friday, June 6, 2014


This beautiful specimen has been featured previously on this blog.

Perfect trail.  And what a beautiful body.  This dude has an ideal proportion of body hair, IMO, although the chest has been shaved here and stubble is showing.  I think the stubble is sexy?   What do you think?

I have a secret: I seldom do this, but I trimmed my upper chest hair the other night.   I didn't shave it.  But it was sometimes tickling my chin and it looked unruly coming out of my shirt.   I'm blond.  I don't think blond hair poking out of shirts is as sexy as darker hair?

What do you guys think about this dude and this photo?  Do you trim back (not shave) your body hair in certain places?   Do you find that appealing in other men?

Thanks to Kevin for this photo.

I'm in Indianapolis.  Not sure if I'm going to Nasvhille, Chicago, New York for my next stop on my two week boondoggle escaping the Desert hellish heat.  Will try to keep posting periodically.

Let me know what you think about questions above.   And stay cool or warm, wherever you are.


  1. i'd like to see more of him

    i'd love to see more by me pulling those underpants down;0..

  2. The upper chest looks good trimmed. Like the moustache, beard and hair, they frame the face well.

  3. Very nice. Thanks for all your posts. How do I submit a pic or two that you might want to post?

  4. Hair rising up out of a man's shirt is extremely sexy, imho, and actually I think that that's more true of blond hair than dark. But a little trimming is no big deal if the body hair gets a little too wild. And for that matter, in my view even shaving is OK with respect to hair on the back of the neck and upper back.