Sunday, July 6, 2014

An AMAZING........................

Er, treasure trail!   Now, now, now.

I could have cropped this.  I know that everyone is focused on the astonishingly beautiful and gigantic cock (with the wonderful veins and mouthwatering hood).  But the treasure trail that introduces it is just as awesome.  They are worthy of each other, no?  It's just a shame that the dude shaved his chest hair but who the fuck cares:  with his assets and those nice nipples to boot!

I think it's an arrowhead has a distinct inverted triangle from the navel downward.  There is a fairly solid line which runs down the middle of the abdomen above the navel, although there is a bit of diffuse hair on each side.  Not enough to make it geometric though.   (Not enough to make it diamond shaped.)  What say you, viewers?

Thank you, Kevin!


  1. How lovely. I think that treasure trail merely leads us to the part that the mystery thickens! - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

  2. omg! first thing i caught was that big beautiful skinned cock,than worked my way to to see perfection and gods creation;0......

  3. No doubt a beautiful cock, with veins. Great trail and those nipples. Great to read Upton King comments again too.:#

  4. Splendid body, including the lean, well-formed muscles and the ample nipples. No defiling tattoos. I'll forgive the shaven chest because it appears that he's letting the hair grow back.

  5. Man sure like to nurse that cock to attention and play with those pec's while doing so