Saturday, July 19, 2014

TWO treasure trails

Beauties both!!!  Do you prefer one over the other (the treasure trails)?


  1. I prefer the one on the left.

  2. They're not twins? The only differences I can see are the hair styles and the fact that the one on the right has a deeper tan. The hair patterns (chest hair & treasure trail) seem identical. On the other hand, maybe the one on the right is a bit shorter.

    In any event, they are both extremely handsome but if I had to choose I suppose I would take the one on the left, too. Fair skin can be more attractive than the super-bronzed look.

  3. i;d go for the white pants(looks like he has a big package ;0...

  4. I think they are both hot , but trail wise I go for the one in the red undies, might just be the angle but his trail is more vertical with his navel- not that there is anything wrong with the guy in white. And yes it looks like a big package.

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