Thursday, August 7, 2014

The LONG & THIN treasure TRAIL at PLAY

What a doll.  And what an amazing treasure trail.  Nice hairy gams to boot.  This little bloke is hot!

The piece of shit Apple laptop is back after a new hard drive, new smart mouse.  Thank god I purchased Apple Care when I bought this thing a year and a half ago.   I didn't have to pay for repairs.  But you'd think that paying premium for a supposed higher quality product--Apple-- (couldn't give a shit about prestige) that you wouldn't have to pay an additional premium for coverage.  After a number of problems with Apple products I think this company is hugely overrated.  Several of you have mentioned that you've never had a problem with your Apple products.  I wish I could say the same.  There is good luck and bad luck.  Despite the fact you pay the same price.  Geuss I paid a large amount of money to be buttfucked.  That is something that would normally be a very pleasant thing (paid or not).  But not this time.

  I would suggest if anyone PURCHASES Apple product you purchase the additional support from Apple.  Their products fail quickly (every device I've owned have had repeated issues).  

Just saying' from my own experience over the last two years (and several thousands of wasted dollars).

Hopefully, this site can resume publication and focus on how beautiful the male form can be without the obstacle of corporations.


  1. glad your back up;) nice young man-would love to see his parts with that great hair he has ;

  2. Really glad you are back and sorry for the problems. I do know that the first Power Book G4 I bought - the hard drive crashed the second week I owned it - thankfully there was nothing really of value on it - purchased Apple Care and I was up and running again in no time - but I am sorry for you problems - technology is always an issue - looking forward to your posts!!!!

  3. great guy, I like how his trail connects to his pec valley chest hair. Hairy legs a bonus.

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