Thursday, August 14, 2014

The TREASURE TRAIL looking in Ashtonoshing BLACK & White photo

I don't understand......But for some reason most of the bog posts that are in black & white don't see to get much response?   Please explain!

OOOPS!  forgot to include the photo.  And you couldn't have told my about the typo.


  1. I have only recently started blogging myself - so I missed a number of your posts - though they are all quite wonderful - so I went back and looked - many were quite hot and worthy of hanging on a wall. I love B&W photos because they are more artistic - especially when it comes to men's bodies. Are you looking for comments or just the reactions? I am guessing that for many men - color makes it more real - I just think that B&W is equally as hot! I hope others comment on this!
    Please feel free to visit my blog
    I would love any comments - suggestions etc ...
    Thanks ... I hope people explain themselves!!!

    1. First, thank you for taking your time reading this blog. I wish I were a better writer, but I like to think that I can at least say that I am a good curator of photos of beautiful men. I myself love hearing comments and perspectives. And always encourage that. GREAT website at

  2. While a B & W photo can be sexy, I simply prefer colour. I like to see the skin tones, especially a tan. The contrast of trails, pubes, chest hair or especially nipples is easier to see and I like this. Because of these I am more inclined to comment on the colour photos than the B& W. I appreciate all your comments and those of your readers.

  3. This is a perfect pic. in black 'n' white...don't know what the problem is!!

  4. Anons.....I was just making a passing observation that for some reasons the days that I post b&w photos I have seen significantly lower traffic volume. I couldn’t even try to ascribe reasons why but thought it would bring out some interesting conversation.

  5. I'm with anon (Aug. 15). All other things being equal, color is absolutely preferable. Think of what "Gone with the Wind" would have been in black & white vs. color.

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