Wednesday, December 3, 2014

SEXY Treasure Trail

As Kevin said, "Yum."  Perhaps the ideal vision of masculinity.   The dude's veins among other things drive me crazy!


  1. One of Kevin's finest finds, no question. I agree that the veins on his arms look great. They suggest that he may play a lot of basketball or some other sport that gives the vascular system of the right arm a serious workout. Abs, chest hair and treasure trail are perfect.

  2. Steve, thank you for your usual erudite comments. I agree. This man, his body hair, his proportions, etc are perfect. I always enjoy your participation. Thanks. Kevin.....Bravo!

  3. Hey guys I agree with all your above comments,I love his defined trail and chest hair and yes the veins drive me crazy too!
    BTW, Mark I am really appreciating all the hairy chested guys in your recent posts- hairy chests and a hairy trails perfect!!!

  4. Anon 12/5/14—I agree with you about the hot hairy chests and trails on the recent posts. I try to mix things up and show men with a variety of trails and thus a variety of unique chests. Thank you for your participation here! I relish your comments.