Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Yes Please! Treasure TRAIL


  1. Yes what a stud. Nice trail on his hot abs.I also like the boomerang shaped chest hair, armpits and his perfect dark nipples. The square jaw, stubble and look says he's a confident man- there are a lot of reasons for him to be.
    Also Mark just wanted to say,- mate, really loved your photos and comments, in 2014 and looking forward to more in 2015, all the best and keep em coming! Thanks.

  2. Anon thank you for speaking your mind here. Keep it up. You make this site fun.

  3. Honestly when you're this close to perfection it's pointless to talk about a few hairs here or there. This hottie has it all!

    Beautiful lean body, well proportioned, well toned with perfect hair, pits and happy trail.

    THIS guy I want to undress and worship from perfect head to perfect toes!

  4. A magnificent body, every inch. Great arms, pecs & abs. I like the chest hair pattern, too. It's of no significance that the hair not as dense as on some other men's chests; I find virtue in his letting what God gave him grow.

  5. (Nice, handsome) head looks like it's been PhotoShopped onto (nice, hot) body.

  6. One of the most sexy treasure trail on this site , and what an amazing body this bloke has ..mmmm