Tuesday, October 4, 2016

PROUD Treasure Trail


  1. A more subtle snail trail on this guy, I love his distinct tan lines usually he wears shorts but has donned his speedos for this pic.The coat is an interesting addition, I think his body could speak for itself and doesn't need to be partially hidden.

  2. Anon I agree with your comments. I also thought the photo extremely sexy because of the outline of the tip of his cock in the underwear or speedo. Snail Trail is a great term. Should that be a new classification here?

  3. Hey MArk, I was so occupied with other attributes I missed his cock head . Snail trail is Aussie slang for the treasure trail, happy trail most Aussies will use that term. It doesn't have a specific definition or type its used to describe the hair from pubes to navel ( and beyond) regardless of character. If anything I'd apply it to a guy with a defined and "subtle" trail as opposed to thick bushy or wide trails. What ever we call them they are damn sexy on a man!!!!