Thursday, October 20, 2016


Love the veins on this dude as well as the hairy chest and trail.  Thank you Kevin.


  1. Hmm that face, don't know if I want to slap it or kiss it - or both. a nice trail specimen square with some thicker hair running down the middle of it. The square joins an arrow straight line of hair to his chest which despite its perfection I think is all natural. His chest hair is appealing especially how it gently curves under his nipples and pecs to join the hair on his abs. Once again it seems natural despite its unique shape - I do hope it is! The veins are yummy as are his hairy arms -just the right amount. A somewhat discreet tattoo on the left forearm and particularly his watch add a touch of masculinity to an adorable specimen.

  2. Anon you pretty much nailed that posting and really assessed the beauty of this specimen. There were actually two photos I had to chose from of this dude. In one, the face was more handsome. The other, the treasure trail was magnificent. I chose the latter.