Wednesday, January 25, 2017

An AUSTRALIAN Treasure Trail. Happy Australia Day!

This is an Australian rugby player with a very tantalizing trail!  What a sexy and simple trail this specimen he has, as well as handsome face, beautiful eyes, the vein in his arm and his torso, to name a few.

Thank you "Anonymous Australia" for requesting this post to commemorate the holiday:  "Today is Australia Day ( 26.1.2017) Australia's national day!! So Happy Australia Day to you and all your Aussie followers.. In honour of this I thought you could post a genuine, sexy Aussie treasure trail on the 26th your time"  Signed AA

HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!  Treasure Trail followers


  1. A hot Aussie Hunk for a lad used to live in Sydney, now sadly 12,000 miles away from beautiful Sydney beach views such as this, so thanks for posting such a gorgeous guy...'Happy Oz-Day' Guys...that little bit of central chest hair and teasing treasure trail that'll no doubt lead to the most gorgeous piece of man meat? Robby

  2. Hey Mark thanks for the Australia Day post!! What a sexy stud you have chosen for the occasion! In addition to his hot body, beaut eyes and trail , I love his hairy arms and legs. To all your non -Australian TT followers , you need to come "down under" for a visit- see the Aussie talent that your missing out on !!!! Hey Robby -Bondi is just one plane trip away ! Thanks AA.

  3. HI AA....Spent my early years playing on Manly Beach, Sydney...then too young realise how apt was the name of the most gorgeous beach to be in later life, now that I'm gay and love manly physiques, the name of that beach apparently steming from the 1788 settlers on first viewing the build of indigenous male population....this guy is certainly Manly fodder! Robby

  4. Hey Robby, nice bit of Aussie history there! Manly is still a beautiful beach & still populated by good looking men. Sounds like u need a holiday down under to reacquaint yourself with some memorable landmarks and sights! Cheers AA