Tuesday, January 24, 2017

YES PLEASE! Treasure Trail

I love the curious hair growth pattern of this specimen's trail.  Too bad you can't see his chest.   I love this guy's pubic hair!  Thank you Kevin


  1. All matters curious require investigating..I request to be the first in the queue to probe the evidence presented please ! Robby x

  2. I volunteer to assist Robby with his investigation! Yeah I like his trail and pubes as well as his hairy arms. I'd expect a nice hairy chest as well. Good to see a tan line , it means this guy is outside shirtless showing us his nice body. BTW Mark , today is Australia Day ( 26.1.2017) Australia's national day!! So Happy Australia Day to you and all your Aussie followers.. In honour of this I thought you could post a genuine , sexy Aussie treasure trail on the 26th your time??? AA.