Friday, June 16, 2017

A DADDY Treasure Trail with a WIDE TRAIL

I love men who are naturally hairy.  I love men who are naturally NOT hairy.  I just cannot stand men who have drastically shaved/waxed/or extremely trimmed their body hair.  I find groin areas that show a cock with the pubic hair shaved so unappealing--all that exists is stuble.  The is downright ugly.  I feel the same way about women.  I find a swomen's shaved pubic hair (as in a Brazilian) equally unattractive.  It's as if you are practicing pedaphilia somehow.

That's my opinion, but I know everyone has their own proclivities and my preferences are de rigueur.

This is a specimen that is au natural.  Yay!  Although, this is probably about my limit on hairiness on.  A little hair on the upper shoulders is fine, but I find it alluring when the back has a full mat hair.

This is a hot, hairy, daddy.  I love his pink nipples amidst the luscious fur.  What a tantalizing smile on that bearded daddy and a twinkle in the eye!


  1. Yes, he's quite attractive. But a little trim of his pubes wouldn't be unwelcome.

  2. Seen some guys in the local woods, seen some naked guys in the woods, seen some hairy naked guys in the woods, seen some smiling hairy naked guys in the woods but none so lovely as this guy,,,,those nips are so 'frighteningly' appealing, shine akin to the Devils Eye's in the dark ! Phwar! Robby x

  3. It is not a trail, it is a handsome boulevard !

  4. I would not say NO to all this fur.