Monday, September 18, 2017

LOOKING DOWN a Long Treasure Trail

That nipple.  That hairy chest.  And that treasure trail.  Exquisite.  Wouldn't this be perfect to cuddle up with.  Thank you Kevin.  Click on photo to see more of the photo!


  1. I agree.
    aussie anon

  2. Yep. And I could use some cuddling right now.

  3. the fur and nipples.....sounds like you require a group hug whkattk....? x

  4. I love this one more than I can express. It would be so great to enjoy some friendship between the sheets with him. The trail, pecs, shoulders, fur, and yes, nipples, are all stunning manifestations of manhood at its best. I can even forgive the tattoo. If you click on the picture you can see the lower half of what is obviously an extremely handsome face.

    Once again we're in debt to Kevin for this photo, which I haven't seen anywhere else, not even on the excellent Daily Drool tumbler site.

    Whk - please accept a "virtual" hug. I wish I could deliver it in person.