Friday, September 29, 2017

LOOKING UP a Perfect Treasure Trail

This man is perfect.  Just the right amount of hair distribute on his chest and torso.  It is also and intense black.  He is lean, lithe and fit which is my favorite male body type (although I love a spectrum of male body types like a "bear").  This specimen is so exquisite with has sexy hairy chest and a long, combination trail that starts with a straight line and leads to a diamond shape around hi navel.  He is so handsome looking up to the heavens in this photo. This is a very sexy man.  Every part of him is made to encompass and wrap around you. I love his jeans which give us just a glimpse of his underwear.

Thank you, Kevin.


  1. Oh how lovely....I do like to see guys in tight, low rise jeans, they hug the hips so perfectly.....superb chest hair and trail....just wondering what or whom has attracted his gaze so perfectly.... x

  2. Nice trail and chest,but I especially love the broad shoulders and straight line from shoulder to shoulder via the collar bones. Nice lean abdomen, too.

    If he were to work the deltoids some more, he would be even more impressive. That's a suggestion, not a criticism.