Friday, June 1, 2018

A SHY Treasure TRAIL

I love this photo composition.   I love this fellas natural hairiness.  His armpits are lush and inviting.  The two nipples are made even more beautiful with the small patch of hairiness in his upper chest (Do you think this has been mandscaped?)

His treasure trail and bush look natural and inviting.  I love a natural lush bush.  Thank you Kevin.

Click on photo to enlarge.  Enjoy!


  1. That central growth of chest hair and slight nipple growth is so sexy, and a portent of greater things to come with maturity, what a lucky young guy he is...I am so envious of this youthfulness chest hair, even now in mature years I sadly have no chest hair to display!

  2. Bobbert M. I admire his youthful male beauty. I am old too so I understand how you feel. I have many experiences and memories. But those days are now over! I appreciate you dedicated support to my blog.

  3. Fucking hot, especially in a few months time when the hair has regrown even more. Love to suck on his cockhead right now. Dreamy. Having a boner☺️

  4. Beautiful young man. I love the fair skin and flawless complexion. If he keeps staying out of the Sun/using sunscreen he'll maintain that skin for a long time. Lucky guy.