Saturday, June 2, 2018

A WIDE Treasure Trail at play

I love this specimen.  He has well-developed chest and abs.  I suspect that he shaved and that his chest hair and treasure trail have regrown just a bit.  Enough to make him mouthwatering. The wonderful water on his chest make him even more sexy, no?  What a seductive pose and five o'clock shadow (and masculine hair armpits and guns).  Looks like he is dipping into the jacuzzi in Calvin Klein jockey underwear? Magnificent male beauty. There is something about his eyes and eyebrows in this photo that makes him special?

Thank you, Kevin


  1. Fucking hot, especially in a few months time when the hair has regrown even more. Love to suck on his cockhead right now. Dreamy. Having a boner☺️

  2. This guy takes my breath away! How I would live to explore him...with my hands, fingers....tongue. --E