Wednesday, August 1, 2018

A GORGEOUS Treasure Trail At REST

OMG!  This magnificent specimen is heavenly in every way.  I wouldn't change a thing.  Would you? CLICK on the photo to enjoy the photo all the more.

Thank you, Kevin


  1. I agree. a beautifully natural hairy torso, though the hair on the legs is a bit thick for me. would love to play with his treasure...
    aussie anon

  2. A little too thick for me....

  3. I'm not a big hairy fan but this guy really does hit the right notes for me. Would love to nuzzle down on the tmy and play with those glorious nipples and tantalising cock head. ImI getting a hard-on just thinking about it and my precum is making me feel wet.

  4. Love this guy in every way...his smile, his eyes, his build, cock of course and his neat beard, imagine all that 'static' electricity that hairy body and legs could generate rubbed together in action...!
    Bobbert x