Friday, May 22, 2020

JUST the TREASURE TRAIL and Mark's Favorite

This specimen is one of my favorites.  Intense dark TT hair.  I especially think it is great that the dude is "blond" at the same time.

I hope you are all safe and well.  I appreciate each and every perspective that you the readers bring.  I have always been committed to illustrating why male physical is best in its natural form. For decades now, men have been shaving and waxing their body hair.  It is so tragic.  They are eliminating some of their best aspects.  Might as well cut off the penis or the scrotum while you're at it, IMO. 

This blog is dedicated to showing the diversity of male hirsute beauty.  There is a dearth of blogsites with this perspective.  I hope there is something for everyone who visits.  Unless you are in the majority of the world, who are devoted to the fashion of eliminating body hair.  If so, then this might not be the right blog spot for you.

If there is something for everyone, that also means there will be specimens that aren't your cup of tea.  That is the beauty of the concept, "something for everyone."

Thank you, Kevin.


  1. very simple and sexy.
    a dark trail that probably leads to a nice bush
    aussie anon

  2. he is a very beautiful male and the blond hair suits him very well. the hairiness of her lower abdomen is really splendid. I love.

  3. Now there is something incredibly hot about a blonde bloke with dark pubes - quite rare I think! Ben - Australia