Saturday, March 16, 2013

A real DILF treasure trail


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  3. Glen! I agree he is a totally hot breeder.

    There is something so utterly sexy seeing a father with his progeny. I was in Target today and at least two or three fathers with their babes in shopping carts passed me. Why are these males more handsome in that role as papa? These dudes would probably not even catch my eye in their non-Dad appearance.

    But for some reason, the minute they become a father, even homely men (IMHO) instantaneously become very sensually beautifully....maybe it's their beasty-side tamed by the beautiful, pure creation of their own making. Yin/Yang. Dark/light? Even Ricky Martin looks hotter in photos with his twins. Same with Hugh Jackman with his kids.

    Sure wish the blanket on this DILF wasn't hiding the rest of his trail. But there is enough trail in the photo to qualify for inclusion to this site which is dedicated to the beauty of male's treasure trails. A treasure trail starts before the navel in some cases. It continues to the pubic area in others. It exists in either case, even though we don't see below the belly button, unless the dude has shaved.

    This DILF does have a wonderful sweet, beautiful, angelic baby, too.

    This photo is about human beauty. It is the natural, beautiful baby that enhances, if not illuminates, it's father's masculine natural beauty.

    This photo is beautiful. The baby is angelic. The father is beautiful, as a result. Would he be if you saw him in a photo without the baby?

  4. He's definitely more interesting and manly with the baby under his wing; the child provides a sort of proof of his virility. He has some nice-looking chest hair and an enviable trail. On the other hand, I don't find his goatee, earring or tattoo attractive at all.

  5. This handsome man be he dad, uncle or neighbor is attractive because he is nurturing that vulnerable little baby. The baby looks perfectly content to share his space and that makes him also look safe if not available. Since that baby is likely a baby boy given the "Cars" blanket so DNA being on board a duplicate trail is on his horizon. Lucky little boy.