Tuesday, March 19, 2013

REAL cute DUDE with totally hot TREASURE TRAIL

For me this dude is truly sit-on-my-faceable!  And you?  LOVE the five o'clock shadow, amongst everything else.  And those bones just his hips.  What are they called.  They make me crazy on slim men like this dude.


  1. The bone I think you're referring to is the ilium (plural "ilia") -- or rather what shows beneath the skin at the top of his hips is the "iliac crest." It's the top of the ilium, which is the upper section of the os coxae, or hip bone. The iliac crest is also the upper portion of the Adonis belt or Apollo belt, for those guys lucky enough to have a prominent inguinal ligament.

    Terminology aside, I agree that the iliac crest can be a very attractive part of a slim man's anatomy. (See, for example, your posts of May 16, June 2 and 26, and July 7, 2012.)

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  3. Steve, I meant to respond to this. Today's blog specimen has that gorgeous iliac crest. Thank you for educating me. I would love to go to photoshop and crop photos which illustrate this more. What is the "Adonis belt" or "Apollo belt"....medical terms or fetish terms? Please educate me!

    Thank you again for your great contributions here and opinions, terminology, and corrections are always welcome.