Monday, March 11, 2013

TREASURE TRAILs of two contrasts

It is a bonus day....two trails!  Both of them exquisite, no?  The left one is a bit too trimmed, maybe?  But wow, the right one is HOT.  Imagine if the bushes and trails on both were au natural!

Thank you, Kevin


  1. Thanks to you and Kevin for sharing this stunning photo. I could be wrong, but I honestly don't think that the gentleman on the left has trimmed anything to excess. Perhaps he shaved his ball sack, but I don't consider that a transgression. Hair in that location can get in the way of one's partner's mouth. In my estimation, the dude on the left is just smoother-skinned, naturally. (Note his smooth right hand, at the lower left corner of the shot.)

    As to the trails, I think that they ARE "au naturel." (By the way, a fine point -- that's the correct spelling of this glorious French phrase.)

  2. Steve, thanks for your comments and thoughts about this photo. I always want to hear others opinions and thoughts about the material. And thank you for correcting my spelling error. I've made it several times and in the last few postings!

    I thought both men were utterly gorgeous too. I probably don't have as keen an experience about trimming, because that is rather a new trend that older folk like me, missed out on. So I appreciate that it is now fashionable to be trimmed. Unfortunately, it seems to be most fashionable for men to shave all their body hair, which I find utterly unappealing. I seem to be in the minority however. I didn't know for sure if the dude on the left was partially shaved!

    Thanks for being a reader and participating!

    The Treasure Trail Hunter

  3. Mark -- I'm squarely with you in that "minority," so no worries there. I think we really are the majority, long term, notwithstanding occasional societal obsessions with the razor.

    There is a fundamental and enduring attraction to chest and treasure trail hair on a man; otherwise the trait would have died out millenia ago.