Saturday, April 20, 2013

DAMN FINE/Damn Shame.....It's been a while since I've done this topic

It is so hard to find examples that illustrate men in the natural hairy state, with their lovely treasure trails,  and then illustrate a comparison when they shave their hirsute beauty.

These are the best testimony to this website's quest.   It is my opinion that men who have body hair are beautiful and do not not look zoo when the eliminate their hair.  On the other hand, men who weren't created naturally hairy look natural and their natural beauty is wonderful.  Razor stubble and all of the other trappings of the fashionable male grooming techniques of our time, are simply unappealing.

Luke Rockhold, the specimen in the photo below, has the body hair god gave him.  Look at his beautiful treasure trail and slightly hairy chest.


The dude is beautiful in every way.  But I think it is sad that the second photo shows him without body hair.  I salivate at the first one.  Not so much the second one.  And you? I know the reasons why these dudes do this to themselves, but I hope this convinces the world that hairy is better.

The way the cruel god/godess created us is much more divine than the worldy, superficial, fashionable ways of our world.  Twenty years from now people may look at this male baldness as un-natural.  It is the way everything works.

But I still fucking prefer, in any decade, natural male hairiness.

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  1. I have really nothing more to say. Total agreement. From the first to the second photo, he has gone from admirable to pathetic.