Thursday, April 18, 2013

Maybe one of the HOTTEST treasure trails EVER? And the dude's AT work.

No one seems to like the last blog post according to the response indicators (we bloggers operate in a vacuum, really).

So I'll pose another.

Personally I thought the last was hot.  But few compare to this.

Maybe a fellow blogger could help me out with this blogger technical question?

On the last few blogs I've posted, the "Reaction" radial button counter totals which are posted below each entry, keep changing.   Earlier this evening, yesterday's post was at 4/3/4.   Now, when I to to the site, the counter says:1/1/1.  Has anyone noticed this problem recently?  Or do you know why this is happening?

If not, then just feast.


  1. Personally, I like the wide TT better than this one - it's not just the trail but what the trail is on that I like better.

    Can't help with the question but my response boxes are not fully displaying.

  2. I, for one, liked your entry for April 17 a LOT. And today's is even better, based on the impressive ratio between the shoulder mass vs. waist, coupled with the spectacular trail. Also it's fairly clear that today's man has a very handsome face, whereas yesterday's entry was a mystery in that regard.

    No idea why the counter number seems to have been resetting. I don't even understand why you are referring to three numbers (4/3/4 or 1/1/1), when I have only ever seen two choices for reactions ("wet" and "sexy"). It doesn't seem as though the third figure would be the number of comments, as there were never four comments posted on the 4/17 post, to my knowledge.

  3. Nice pic. Kind of like a futuristic cowboy. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

  4. Steve and Sean. Thank you for your comments about the blog specimens.

    More than that, thank you for your response to my question about the response radical numbers.

    I'm going to respond to your comments.....if you have additional clarification, please let me know:

    --When I mentioned the numbers in my email question (i.e., "4/3/4") I was showing the number of responses in the three categories. All of the response totals keep changing. And Steve, thank you for your input. There are three reactions. But when the first two "wet" and "sexy" exceed two digits in the total response then the third category goes away (which is "more of this").

    I thought the problem might be that my Mac has a virus which resulted in the fluctuating (down and up) response totals. I guess I'll just let it go. I don't think that the vendor here would be supportive about the issue in any way. And I have no idea how to figure where I should ask the question.

    Thank you for both your responses! The latter was very helpful.

    SEAN...thank you as well.

    From what I hear from Sean and Steve, many people have voted for the first and second categories. So many, that the response numbers are double digit for each category. When that happens the third is not visible anymore. I think what I mean by all of this is that the problem I'm having is specific to my Mac laptop.

    Thank you for all of your opinions.


  5. Now that's one Bush that could lead a nation!!!
    Marry me please!

  6. If you shorten the response answers then all three will stay visible. Also, try turning off the option and then turn it on again the next day, sorta like a reboot.

  7. This guy is so hot where do you start? A great treasure trail but who could resist sucking those nipples and running my fingers through that chest hair!!His trail leads to a beautiful bush and what lies beneath it. I love the muscles, so defined and strong. I also really like the light coat of hairs on his arms that is really sexy. I'd love to join his work site and be his right hand man, or left hand man, what ever he wanted me to do actually!!

  8. Thanks for the clarification about why I wasn't seeing the third category, or at least not noticing it. Now I do. And it's nice to be able to vote for "more" of some of your featured men, like Mr. Headphones here.