Thursday, October 17, 2013

A VERY sexy ginger trail

This trail is hot, and not just because of the exotic color.  This is such a beautiful focused straight trail.  I love that it starts in a precise way mid-torso.   Usually trails start or end in a more diffuse way (was there any sculpting?).  And check out the natural bush.

All the pumpkins around these days made this dude look so spicy and delicious--oh to lick that armpit.    What a body.

If you have the hot's especially for ginger, you can see previous listings on this blog by clicking here (also take the stupid survey):   click here for more pumpkin spice.


  1. Primo pic here! Great TT and ginger, to boot!

  2. would love to be the lucky one to put out the fire in his speedo

  3. OMG i love him.... he's a wonderful ginger titan

  4. So sexy. My tongue is begging to worship his red body hair all over his nice body, especially those magnificent pits