Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Another beautiful TREASURE TRAIL

I love this specimen and the photograph.  This is a photographer who appreciates the beauty of the TT--the principle focus of the image is the TT.

The first thing I love, is the wisp of hair (wisp of hairs and irregular hair patterns are the sexiest thing on a man) at the top of the photo descending briefly down to about the end of rib cage.

There appears to be a stop (although I would suspect there is still a very faint, totally hot, trail of hair).

And then mid torso, the treasure trail begins.......I love the diverse growth pattern of the trail.  Overall, it makes almost an oval.   Maybe we have a new trail type here?  The oval treasure trail.

Anyway....this dude is dreamy.......the pubes peeking out above the underwear.   And the luxurious hairy thin legs.

Hope you enjoy.....I always relish your comments and thoughts.

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