Sunday, February 9, 2014

A LONG and WINDING Trail on a really enchanting bloke

Be still my aching heart.  I am in love with this lovely winnowing sexy trail and the dude that goes with it.  Isn't this hot?   Glorious bush. Although it's sad about the cigarette, IMHO. (I'm a recovering smoker so I do understand for all our readers who smoke).  Oh, and what about that faint tan line.  Shiver me timbers!  And isn't it framed perfectly with the leather coat.

Thank you Kevin.   My heart goes out to all of you like Kevin (who's in the US heartland now) and are freezing and all of those who are living with the snow and ice.   We had a nice toasty 75 degrees today here in Palm Desert.  I went over to San Diego for the morning… was lovely.  I'm not gloating!  I will literally sit in hell starting in a few months when the temperatures goes to 120!

Hope this photo and the handsome young lad and his natural maleness warms everyone up!

1 comment:

  1. A nice body on this guy, I like the tan lines. A real shame about the cigarette, why pollute a beautiful young body like his? He looks a bit familiar, has he appeared on "The Treasure Trail" before?