Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Which piece of this male specimen is more delectable?

The nipples are so succulent.  The trail:  a cross between a long/pyramid trail.  The dark, full beard.   Why would anyone think that the hair on this man is anything but perfect?  He is perfectly beautiful in every masculine way.

Thank you, Kevin!

Sorry everyone that I'm so late in posting today!


  1. A good summary of this guy, I'd also rate his arms as they have the right amount of hair

  2. Mark -- You and I think alike. I noticed the nipples, too. One assumes that they come well equipped with sensitive nerves with a direct connection to other body parts. He's a tiny bit on the chubby side (compared, say, with super-lean guys like Simon Dexter), but not enough to detract from his charm.

  3. Sean, those nipples are really magnificent and succulent. The dude is not lean but he is altogether hot in is on beefcake way. A guy can be hot in so many way (with or naturally without hair, thinner or heavier, ginger or blonde or black haired, etc). This is a great illustration of it. Thank god for MEN and masculine beauty.

  4. juut love hairy guys , hairy armpits