Friday, February 14, 2014

CLEANING a treasure trail

What a beautiful man.  I love seeing male hairiness when wet.  So sexy.

Look at that treasure trail (looks like a square trail?)  Look at his hairy legs. Look at the patch of chest hair.   And the pubic hair.  And the beard.  Gosh I could go on.  Perfection.

Oh and the intermittent sunburn is really sexy!  How did that happen?


  1. Getting so hard imagining me soaping up his hairy, beautiful body. Feeling the different hair textures against the palms of my hands!

  2. Anon Feb 15 @8.11pm, you have summed it up perfectly. When I saw this photo I also thought about being with him running my hands all over his body. The hairy legs, arms, pubes and trail are beaut, including the veins on his right arm. The little patch of chest hair on his sternum is really sexy. A bit more sunscreen next time on his sensitive parts but good to see such a sexy man outside with no shirt on.

  3. Gorgeous guy, especially the treasure trail and legs. I think he maybe fell asleep in the sun, with pants on and maybe a towel around his shoulders, but nothing to protect his arms, neck and other parts.