Friday, May 26, 2017


I have to say that this man is gorgeous, but a little too bulky for me.  I really am not into men who have muscles that are out of proportion.

He is handsome and I like his long hair--he has sort of Tarzan thing going.  And his treasure trail is alluring although I think it's sculpted.  Do you think he has shaved his chest hair, arms and the rest of his body?  He does have very mouthwatering veins in his arms and an impressive veiny, hard cock!  I would think this dude would supply one with a really good fuck?  I hope he is not a bottom.

Still, a very engaging treasure trail and he still has pubes!  Yay!


  1. I can agree wholeheartedly as this guys is one lovely muscled bloke, I think there has been some cutting back and trimming of the bush here and those veins are powerful as would his passion by the look of the piece of man-meat, his gaze transfixes you,,,I can only be envious of such a physique as I am built like a garden rake! Robby x

  2. I do agree with you - Beefcake isn't my thing. Give me a swimmer or dancer body. But, he is enjoying his well he should.